The Best BBCOR Bats for 2016
Today we’re aiming to break down the best BBCOR bats for 2016.

So for today’s review we’re aiming to be principally talking concerning five bats.

The Easton mako , the DeMarini CF8, the Marucci Cat half dozen, the DeMarini Voodoo Raw, and also the metropolis Slugger Prime 915.

So let’s start.

The Easton mako BBCOR Bat is arguably the foremost standard by a landslide out of all of them.

The Easton mako shark comes in four completely different shapes. There’s the end-loaded version, the balanced version, the mako shark TORQ XL version and also the balanced mako shark TORQ version. So, right off the bat we’ve plenty to play with here. It’s straightforward to envision why they’re out and away the foremost standard bat out of all of them. they only have a product for each contact hitter.

The Easton mako shark comes simply equipped in a pair of items thus it’s not a full 2-piece composite bat and it comes able to use right off the bat. There’s no breaking in to try to to, or a minimum of little or no.

The DeMarini CF8 continues to be a powerful presence within the market and in contrast to Easton, DeMarini doesn’t prefer to build too several bats of an equivalent series and it instead designates a distinct bat name for various functions.

It comes with a Fusion a pair of.0 handle that reduces the sting once a ball isn’t hit properly and additionally permits the hitter to possess higher management and facilitates contact through the striking zone. good bat for those that area unit at the highest of the line-up and searching to extend their power numbers by even simply a small quantity.

The Marucci Cat half dozen is one in every of those bats that whenever they are available out you only grasp they’re here to remain. the rationale being is that it’s an excellent overall bat and it suits each single player. It’s the journeyman’s dream.

It’s alright balanced and cozy. It feels lightweight and permits the hitter to exert bigger management over their bat speed and bat management through the striking zone.

As such, this can be fully one in every of the premiere bats coming back into 2016. It ought to be noted that this can be aiming to be a large year in terms of BBCOR bats. It’s been a handful of years currently since their origin into collegial baseball and there’s been plenty of feedback for what works and what doesn’t. thus do expect to envision some major enhancements in bat performance.

One such example is that the DeMarini Voodoo Raw 2016 BBCOR Bat that is extremely quickly establishing itself joined of the should have bats for the coming year. several baseball players area unit jumping on the gun ASAP and it’s undoubtedly an excellent option to have.

The bat comes into a pair of forms as of currently, click here for BBCOR and Youth however can shortly expand and are available altogether shapes and sizes. It offers additional pop to its ruler counterpart and can feature thusme new bat technology which will be heavily featured in coming product for the subsequent years so make sure to stay a watch out for that.

2016 Worth 2 Legit Fastpitch Softball Bats

best fastpitch softball batsWhen a fastpitch softball bats comes with a name like 2016 Worth 2 Legit then there is a high expectation and high performance from the bat to meet the set standards. The innovative 4-piece 100% composite design makes the bat one of the high end products in the market. Designed with FPEX power grip it helps in creating the required flex amount and it is essential in reducing the level of vibration from the components. The barrel is composed of a double wall design meant to deliver maximum trampoline effect this can help the players send the balls to different areas of the pitch as required. The bat has a length to weight ratio of -10 and it is vital because it gives a balanced swing weight for a maximum speed of the bat and with the reinforced cap, the bat has an exceptional durability.

As most elite players would resonate, champions use worth legit two, the bat is approved by various associations such as ISA, NSA, USSSA, ASA, and ISF. In addition to the approval, it is backed by 12 months manufacturer’s warranty and a 30-day money guarantee period coupled with free shipping to your preferred destination. Professional rollers can heat the bat to beyond 26-30 feet , heated bat rolling is important for the composite bats because they have a long break in period and they have shown signs of improved performance once they are subjected to the heat bat rolling. The Worth 2 legit was created to give the player or hitter three aspects without any type of sting; it delivers flex, distance, and pop. The outer barrel is engineered to endure extreme rebound at any type of swing speed, while the inner barrel allows the maximum flex without any kind of inhibition to the sweet spot.

Features of 2016 Worth 2 Legit

The softball bat is made in the united states of American and it is designed to deliver optimal performance and have enhanced life. The materials used in the manufacturing process were designed to cover distance of 98 miles, which is an impressive pop. The grip enhances balance and protects the swinger from blisters and any kind of sting he or she may experience during the game. Here are some of the features

  • It is available in different colors therefore you can choose the color that suits your taste and preference
  • It has a high performance guarantee
  • 98 miles per hour composite core
  • Has efficiency in controlling the swing balance and weight
  • Made from 4-piece technology 


  1. It maybe a little pricey for people who are buying the bats for hobby


The Worth women’s legit 2 bat has numerous advantages some of the include

  1. Balanced swing, which increases comfort and prevents any kind of injury to the player during the game
  2. It is a good bat for novice or newbie’s
  3. The flex 50 technology allows the player to swing without miss hit or any kind of blisters on your hands
  4. It is made in the USA and approved by top national soft ball organizations
  5. The 2Legit softball bat has a Flex Fifty composite that allows you to swing as you like

According to customer reviews, the bat received 4.6 stars, which is not a bad score for a high product. Moreover, one of the clients indicated that the color range allows her to choose a best fastpitch softball bats that will suit her fashion sense.


In summary, a good dame of softball requires a good swing and a good swing comes from the best softball bats in the market. Choose the 2016 Worth 2 legit and enjoy your sport, more here click here

Miken Bats – The New Kid in the Block

2015-miken-slow-pitch-lineThe baseball market is filled with bats and other equipments, so it is difficult to make an entry and to be successful with it. But with was a threat was converted into an opportunity and Miken, made the most of it. Today after a decade of turbulence, they have been recognized as a specialist baseball bat manufacturers’. The company was originally into manufacturing composite golf club shafts and then they explored the softball bats market and slowly and slowly they shifted into manufacturing only composite bats. Hence, we can see that even though the company has not had the background of being a baseball bat manufacturer, it has come a long way and can be counted as one of the best in the business for the amateur level.

As we see, that they have a composite background, they make all 100% composite baseball bats and it has these models on offer:

a) Burn ESD – This all-composite brand, is recommended for the beginners as it has a long barrel and the grip is also very nice and easy. Thus the fresher would find it interesting and it will also protect the arm and hands due to the smooth grip. The bat also allows the player to get his swing right and the weight is also just about perfect. So, an overall a good bat, but senior players and pros would not find what they are looking for – power and a big sweet spot, to see the ball flying across the field. But for school level this can be used.

b) Heat – This is another all-composite brand, which is priced quite high at 379$, offers the hitter a one-piece bat with the option of using a stiff handle or a flexed one, thus the bat can be customized as per the hitters need. This bat is again for the school or the college level and no one beyond that would be using this bat, as it is not cost effective and better options are available in the market in that range hence it could have been priced lower.

c) Torch – This is a star among the other brands inside the Miken family, but it fails to shine outside the family. The cost is 299$, which is asking for too much. This one piece and stiff handled bat has a good bat speed and also a nice sweet spot and also can be used to hit the ball a long way, but it cannot be called a perfect buy.

Even though these bats are not to be used by the senior players and the professionals but the new comers can use these Miken Bats to good use, as the player will have to use all his skills and power to make the maximum out of the bat. But worry not, because the company is working very hard and is sure to succeed in the years to come. This company has proved itself and is still doing it. Miken bats will in the time to come be able to compete with the best in the industry.

Softball Training Exercises That Works

No matter however sensible you “think” you’re at softball, there’s continually area for improvement. one among the most effective ways that to enhance your game is to perform a number of these softball coaching exercises I’m getting ready to share with you. Then you need using the top rated softball bats for more performance.

Shoulder Press

When you increase your higher body strength, you’ll end up striking the ball considerably tougher. A shoulder press is one among the most effective exercises for increasing your higher body strength, also as arm muscles. First, hit the gymnasium and realize either exercising weight or try of dumbbells. the perfect weight for your ought toer press should be the utmost quantity that you simply will perform ten reps with. Lay down on the burden bench and have somebody spot you whereas you are doing three sets of ten reps every.

Bicep Curls

While you’re at the gymnasium, you must follow on building those bicep muscles. whereas everybody includes a completely different read on what the perfect variety of reps is, i like to recommend sticking out with three sets of ten reps mistreatment the heaviest weights you’ll be able to physically raise. bear in mind to perform your bicep curls in a swift manner and inhale as you raise and exhale as you lower.

Core coaching

Possibly the most vital sort of exercise for softball is core coaching exercises. better of all, there are lots of core exercises that need no special instrumentation or gymnasium to perform them. begin by performing arts associate exercise referred to as “the plank” by birthing flat on the bottom and raise your body up whereas putting all of your weight on your forearms. once done properly, your body ought to be utterly flat with simply the information of your toes and forearms touching the bottom. Hold this position for as long as doable, rest and repeat. The plank sounds straightforward enough, however trust ME, you’ll begin to feel it in your abdomen and core when many sensible exercises.


There can’t be enough aforementioned regarding the importance of higher body strength and the way it interprets to performance on the softball field. once you don’t have the posh of progressing to the gymnasium, you must attempt to do as several push-ups as you physically will. Go all the method down and keep your body straight as doable. declare loud throughout this exercise to stay track of how many you’re doing and check out to beat that number consecutive day you perform them.


It’s simple to ditch recovery once you’re too targeted on travail and lifting weights. However, if you don’t offer your body the mandatory time to recover, your muscles won’t solely be sore, however they’ll be susceptible to strains and any injury also. When performing strength training exercises, continually offer yourself the subsequent day without work for recover. So, raise weights sooner or later, recover the subsequent day, and lift again on day three.